How Your Author Slug Is Exposing Your WordPress Admin Username & How to Fix it

Your WordPress website is protected by two pieces of information, your Admin username and your password.

Someone would need to get access to or guess both pieces of information to successfully hack into your website and access the Admin dashboard.

So why are so many WordPress website owners exposing their Admin usernames and tempting hackers to take control of their websites?

The truthful answer is because they are probably unaware of the username vulnerability in the WordPress core software, that is exposing their username for all to see.

Don’t worry i was completely shocked when I discovered this but fixing it is fairly simple and I’ll explain it step by step so you too can protect your WordPress website.

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Keep Your Website Updated To Avoid Getting Hacked

You’ve spent time, money and energy to start a blog and the last thing you want is your website getting hacked.

It’s your website and so it’s ultimately your responsibility to put security measures in place to stop hackers getting in and hijacking your blog.

One simple action you can take to protect yourself is to ensure that you promptly update your website and its components when updates are made available.

Software companies are constantly testing and improving their software and when they find potential security loop holes or vulnerabilities they will release an update that fixes the hole.

Now if you don’t keep your website and the software that runs it up to date then hackers have an easy way to potentially get access to your website and even worse your entire web hosting account.

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