Good Things Come To Those Who Share Information Freely

Sharing is natural and good things come to those who share.

It’s karma, well I think so anyway and hopefully you will too by the end of this blog post.

So if sharing is natural, then why do we all freeze up when it come to sharing information, especially online?
And why don’t we share what we know more freely?

These are questions that cross my mind every once and a while and yesterday was one of those days.

Yesterday, Apple released their new iPad Pro and I had already decided I was going to buy one, so imagine my surprise and excitement when my good friend Rob from gets me one as a gift.

Thanks Rob!!!

I’d like to think he gave me this gift for being an amazing friend, but that’s only part of it, the rest is probably to thank me for sharing my opinion over dinner about investing.

Anyway, this is what karma is all about.  You give your information freely (often times it’s really just your opinion or your perspective on certain topics) and in return the universe balances things out and often you’ll get a lot back in return, it could be money, maybe just heart felt gratitude but in this case a brand spanking new iPad Pro.

Now I’m not here to harp on about karma, I’m here to help you see that you too have the ability and knowledge to give information freely and receive the benefits of letting karma work its magic for you too.

The most incredible thing about this whole experience was that, I was sharing my opinion on a topic that I had just researched and educated myself in only a few months ago, I wasn’t a so-called expert on the topic.

Of course, in that time I had taken action myself and made a few investments.  All I did was share what I had learnt together with my experience and my opinions with Rob. He knew I wasn’t an expert at investing, but clearly what I shared helped Rob him on some level.

What’s even funnier about this whole situation is that I was telling absolutely everyone I met about all the new things I was learning about investing, because I was just so damn excited about the topic.

Have you every felt that excitement about something you’ve just learnt and the desire to just tell everyone you meet about it, regardless of whether they actually want to listen to you or not.

Well there it is… proof that you too have a natural instinct to share information to help others.

Anyway, this got thinking about whether I was sharing information freely and why I wasn’t sharing more through this blog. Personally, I blame my inner voice wanting perfectionism, clarity and an absolute roadmap for my online business, before writing a single word, maybe you can relate to that.

Receiving this iPad as a gift has given me that much needed kick up the behind to start sharing my knowledge more freely on my blog, in a less than perfect way and without a clear roadmap of where my online business is headed, with the hope that it helps many others including you (and of course all gadgets and gifts, are not necessary, but will be gratefully accepted lol).

So what better topic to start with than discussing a few things that stop us from sharing our knowledge and opinions more freely online.

We All Consume Information, So Why Don’t We Share Information More Freely?

We all read information online, that’s what you’re doing right now with this blog post. And whatever you’re reading was written by someone else, to help someone like you.

Now we all have life experiences that we could write about and share freely, and deep in our hearts we know that sharing this information would help others, but our heads get in the way with all these seemingly logical reasons why we shouldn’t, and believe me they are all B.S.

Just like I hope this blog post will help you, you have so much knowledge, life experience, skills and opinions to help 1000s around the world, if only you could overcome whatever is holding you back from sharing that information more freely.

So why don’t you? what’s stopping you?

I Don’t Like Sharing Information

Well hold on there, I don’t believe that for a second. If you’re on my blog, you’re an awesome person and besides sharing is natural isn’t it?

Whenever i open a packet of crisp or biscuits I always offer them to whoever I’m with. Don’t you?

If i hear or see something on the news, I’ll share that with friends in conversation and usually give my opinion on it, whether they ask for it or not.  Don’t you do this?

If I’ve read a good book and I know someone who would love it, I’d let them borrow it or at least recommend they get a copy, again isn’t this form of sharing all natural?

If i see a good movie at the cinema, or a bad one for that matter, I’ll give my opinion and share my experience with friends and acquaintances.  What they do with that information is of no concern to me, I’m just freely sharing my experiences and information.  And I bet you do all this stuff too!!

Finally, if a friend calls me up and asks me for my opinion or knowledge on something (e.g. what type of paint to use for redecorating their house) I’m not going to turn around to them and say, hold on, I’ve not spent 10,000 hours educating myself in picking paint and decorating so I’m not an expert and cant possibly give you any advice without feeling like a fraud.

Is that really how things would play out? of course not, i’m going to share with them what I know, however limited that maybe. I’ll tell them which paint I used and why I used it, where I purchased it from and possibly even the paints I chose not to use and why not. You’d do the same wouldn’t you? It’s only natural.

We are instinctive creatures that love to share.

So ok, i think we can safely say we all naturally share things, opinions and information on our life experiences with people we meet.

So perhaps the problem isn’t that we don’t like to share information freely, perhaps it’s more that we have some obstacles that stop us sharing information freely online, on a blog, for example. ?

So what’s stopping you sharing your information freely online, on a blog?

Sharing Information Online is Scary and Makes Me Feel Vulnerable

Holy moly, i think we’re getting somewhere!
Most of us would naturally help out friends and family, but when it comes to putting our opinions and advice into words and publishing it online for completely strangers to see, we freeze up.

Perfectionism takes over, our inner voice goes into overdrive about all the bad things that could happen and all the bad things people will say about us and eventually we get stuck in analysis paralysis. We’ve all been there….

The good thing is, it doesn’t have to stop you…. let me explain…

Think about this…
You’re happy to share information with people you care about, in the hope that it will help them, but you freeze up when it comes to sharing that same information with complete strangers online who you’ve never met before. It’s almost as if you value the opinion of completely strangers over those of your friends and family. I know that’s not true, or I hope it isn’t at least!

Isn’t that just the craziest thing you’ve ever heard?

Its not logical, but that’s where the problem lies. It’s an emotional response that’s stopping you.

I know, because it’s stopped me so many times from writing this blog worrying about what complete strangers will think of me, even when friends and family have told me my opinions have been invaluable to them.

Sharing your information online is scary.

It feels so permanent having your opinion on a topic out for the world to see in writing. What if you change your mind about something, in light of new information, are people going to think you’re flaky? Probably, and other people will thank you for it, because you’re staying up to date in your industry.

You really have to ask yourself who are you sharing your information freely for.  For those you want to criticise or for those who value your advice and opinions?

Here’s a few other things that may scare the life out of you when you think about sharing information on a blog.

a) What if people don’t agree with what you write?  Well, they don’t have to and probably wont hang around on your blog and read it anyway!

b)What if you get someone leaving a nasty comment telling you you don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you really going to let this stop you from sharing your information freely and let karma work its magic?

Well all of this could happen, and  if this is all you’re thinking about, then there’s your problem…

You are focused on all the people who may not benefit from your information as opposed to focusing on all the people who are waiting for you to get your knowledge out online, so they can read it, take action on it and save themselves time, money and the frustrations of going through an experience you’ve already been through and therefore can help them either avoid, overcome or succeed at.

If you’re not sharing your information freely online, then you are missing out on all the good things that come your way because of it and you’re also falling behind in a world that is becoming more and more focused on communication via technology and social connections through the internet.

Can we agree that if we share information with family and friends and people we care about, then we should have no problem sharing it on a blog with everyone, right?

I hope so, I know just because you may agree with me on this doesn’t make those invisible obstacles that are currently stopping you sharing your opinions on a blog magically disappear.

Ok, let’s tackle those invisible obstacle next.

Fear of Feeling Like a Fraud

Well this is an interesting one and every online entrepreneur faces this when they first start out (and the truth is, this never really goes away, if you’re growing and doing things right).

No-one wants to feel like a fraud, and having no real experience on a topic can certainly make you feel that way, especially if you are teaching or sharing information with others.

Let me be blunt, if you feel like a fraud, stop teaching and sharing information you don’t truly believe in with others.  The reason you feel like a fraud is because you don’t completely believe the information you’re sharing will give the audience reading it, the desired outcome.

Well in that case, stop f***ing sharing that information.

If you have no experience on a topic, stop teaching it, you’re not being ethical by leading people to think the information you’re sharing has been battled tested by you, when really all you’re doing is re-writing something you read on another blog.

Don’t do it, you’re better than that!!

Here’s the solution.  Be honest, tell your readers of your blog that you have not tested the information you are sharing and its more for information purposes based purely from research you’ve carried out. Doesn’t that feeling of being a fraud just disappear now, that’s because you’re being honest with your audience and they will love you for it.

Just remember, no-one expects you to know it all, but if you want to teach something or share information freely, then spend some time learning and then take action and get some actual experience and results (and the results don’t have to be earth-shattering!)

This may be a little raw for some of you, but that’s me. Life is too short to do anything other than tell it like I see it, but trust me you’ll thank me one day and sleep a lot easier at night knowing the information you share is based off of your own life experience and has was exactly what you did to get a specific outcome.

How much time should you spend learning before you share information to not feel like a fraud?

I’m not saying take a year out and learn, I’m saying go learn some stuff, apply it, get a result good or bad, and now you have something you’ve actually done and write about and share that experience, what you learnt, how you found it, your thoughts on it and more for others to benefit from.

Again it is all based on how you are putting yourself out there online. If you’re saying you’re an expert, then go learn, get results and be an expert. If you’re saying you’re sharing your life experiences, teaching new things as you learn them, reviewing services and products you like and making recommendations, then you can share information tomorrow that you just learned and had results with today.

Remember there is no right and wrong and no timeframe involved.

Just think about your readers and whether you are doing them right by them.

I personally won’t write about anything I don’t enjoy or have learned about and had some level of experience in.  That’s what helps me sleep at night. What about you?

Can you see how, when you do this, you don’t have that “fraud” feeling anymore, because you actually feel genuine about the information you’re sharing, and not just re-hashed garbage.

I’m Not An Expert…

This is my favourite invisible obstacle because I don’t feel like an expert either most of the time and everywhere I turn online, someone is telling me that I need to be an expert!!!

This used to stop me dead in my tracks sharing any information freely with anyone.

I’d talk all day long about my successes and failures in life and business with friends and they’d refer to me as an expert, but I still didn’t see myself as an expert and this made it difficult for me to share information online in writing with strangers, weird right?  I thought so.

I tell you this, to help you realise that your own personal view of yourself is usually a lot lower than the one others hold of you and often even if those close to us are shout at the tops of their voices that you’re an expert, for some strange reason we’ll ignore them and instead listen to the unheard words of complete stranger to our blogs.

My question to you is do you really have to be an expert to share your knowledge and opinions more freely and let karma do its magic?

Well, I personally don’t think you do!

I certainly am no expert in investing, hell and yet yesterday I get a iPad Pro from a friend who I shared my opinions and strategies I had formulated through my own investing. I simply shared what I knew, however limited it was, freely!!!

Being an expert is perception and a matter of opinion. To someone with no knowledge in a topic, you may seem like an expert, while others who’ve been in that field for decades, may consider you less than experienced.

Again our own attitude about what it means to be an expert is what hold us all back.

Perhaps we should all stop thinking we need to be experts and start simply share our knowledge and our own personal experiences in a subject area on our blogs. This would help so many people, wouldn’t it?.

Please read what I just wrote again carefully. I’m not endorsing sharing information for the sake of sharing information, i’m talking about sharing your own experience of a subject area or topic in order to help others who are facing similar obstacles or trying to do something you have learnt how to do.

e.g. don’t write about how to build a website, if you’ve never built one. Instead learn how to build one, document the steps you took, the things you liked/enjoyed, note down if there was anything you could improve in the process you followed, and how you felt about the experience. Now you have something unique and personal to you that you can share freely.

You could do this today, so even if you think you have nothing to write about on a blog, then there you go, do this example I’ve just given you, its a great way to get started!!!

Another reason you may not feel like an expert is because you’re probably trying to take some short cuts. And the reality is, the fear of not feeling like an expert doesn’t go away until you actually take action, learn some stuff and share what you’ve learnt and had experience with.

Now does feeling like you are not an expert mean you shouldn’t share information?

That’s a tricky question. Personally I don’t like sharing just information (anyone can Google a topic and find plenty of that), but what I do like to share is information combined with my own personal experience in the hope others can find similar success.

Here’s a few things I have had experience with… building websites using html, css and also WordPress, building web based software and apps, creating WordPress themes and plugins, growing a property portfolio, running an SEO business, creating and editing videos, creating online training and courses, creating the lifestyle I want to live, being happy etc…

Why don’t you take a few minutes and make a list of things you’ve had experience with in your life and you’ll quickly see how much information you actually have at your disposal to share freely online.

And just like learning to drive, in life as you learn new things, this gives you even more things to share information about freely.

Are You Worried No-Ones Cares About Your Knowledge, Experience or Opinions?

Oh absolutely!!! this is so true, Nobody give’s a shit about what you know, your life experiences or your opinions, and for as long as you believe that this is about you, you are doomed!!!

Sharing your information is not about you, it’s about sharing your knowledge, life experiences and opinions freely so those that need that advice can find it online and provide them value.

Not everyone will find value in what you right and that isn’t because what you write isn’t valuable, its because they are not in need of the information that you are sharing and that’s ok, because your goal was never to reach everyone in the world and convert them to your way of thinking was it?  I hope not!!!

And if it was, may I suggest you break that big goal down into a few smaller milestones, because a goal that big will probably stop you from ever taking the first step towards it.

Remember there are people in the world, who are looking for help who would happily restore the karmic balance if only you would share your information freely.

You know this is true, and all you have to do is look at the number of people that use google every day information, the number of review websites online that people use to get recommendations before they buy products, and how social media is taking over the world to see that people are actively looking for other people who can help them with their current problem with opinions, advice and recommendations.

Your life experience, knowledge and opinions are your key to creating the life of your dreams (I’ll go more into this in another blog post) but for now just know that you are the only person that can deliver your information, life experiences and opinions in a way that will resonate with certain people.

Start focusing on these people who will be grateful you shared your information freely versus those that won’t.

It’s a bit like sales, personally I hate sales, but my first ever job was as door to door sales person. On average for every 20 people that said no to me, one would buy from me. Now if I focused on the 20 that said no, I would probably have been very unenthusiastic when I reached that 1 person that would want to buy from me, and i probably wouldn’t have sold to them either because of my lack of enthusiasm.

Instead the way I thought about it was that everyone that said no, were never my ideal customers anyway, and my goal wasn’t to sell to everyone, only to those that would benefit from the thing I was selling. So when you share information freely, its for those who want it and will benefit from it, NOT for those who don’t.

So Many People Are Already Sharing Their Knowledge In Your Area of Expertise?

So, you’re worried that you’re late to the party.

Well that’s not always a bad thing.  In fact it can be a good thing being fashionable late to this party.

Yes, there are lots of people running blogs, sharing their opinions, most are probably better writers, most have been doing it forever, most have so much more to say than you, most have such better results and experience than you do, most have a better hair cut than you do (oops… ignore the last one, i’m sure you’re haircut is probably much better than most, especially mine).

But doesn’t reading that make you angry, its makes me angry that you think others are better than you at sharing your life experience and knowledge.

Am i sounding a bit like that inner voice in your head, the one that constantly tells you how everyone else is great and you’re not!!!

Well good, I’ll shut the hell up now, and you should do the same with that inner voice of yours because its all B.S.

Those people who are waiting for you to share your information freely, those who will resonate with your life situation and experiences and knowledge, they don’t think any of those things about you.

In fact, they think the absolute opposite and the only way you are ever going to realise this, is if you start sharing your information freely online.

Only you, with your uniqueness, your personality, your life experiences, and knowledge, can write in a way that will resonate with some people and until you start sharing your info freely, there is a whole group of people out there who are lost and struggling and in desperate need of your help.

There is plenty for everyone, remember its not a competition to be the best (unless of course, that’s your goal), for me I’m happy just helping as many people as I can with my blog and of course the more the merrier.

Benefits of Sharing Your Information Freely Online

Now, I’ve covered some of the reasons you may not be sharing your information freely and to conclude I just wanted to share with you some of the benefits you get and good things that come your way by stepping up and doing what comes naturally and that’s sharing your information freely.

Karma Always Brings You Good Stuff

One of the benefits about giving your knowledge, opinions and advice freely, is karma is going to do its thing and although I can’t guarantee you that you’ll get sent a free iPad, i can mostly certainly guarantee you that when you get people replying thanking you for writing your blog posts and for changing their lives, you’ll feel a level of fulfilment and purpose that is hard to match in almost anything else you could do.

Get Recognition and Become An Expert By Default

You’ll get recognition as you start sharing information, from people that will read it, apply it, benefit from it, and they’ll start to perceive you as an expert by default.  You’ll get recognition from other blog owners, and even employers. Who’d have thought, to become an expert, all you really had to do is to actually start sharing your own life experiences on a topic and doing it freely.

You’ll build a following of like minded individuals who look up to you, like your style of writing and trust your recommendations and opinions. You become a leader by default and this group of people will further inspire you be share more freely and help even more people.

Earn An Extra Income Stream

Now this can lead to a whole bunch of good things coming your way. You could create a structured online course for your audience and start to earn an income online. You could make recommendations of products and services you’ve used and your experiences, and start to get a kickback (affiliate commission) from those businesses for the referrals.

Land That Dream Job

You could even land that dream job by having an incredible advantage in an interview by talking about the topics you write about on your blog and how that helps thousands of people each month in your industry.

There is no end of good things that will come your way when you start sharing your information freely online.

My Recommendation Is That Everyone Should Start a Blog

My recommendation to you is to start a blog. Don’t do it because you want to start an online business, just do it because you want to share information freely. You can always turn this into a business at a later stage.

If you don’t know how to start a blog, stay tuned, I’ll be releasing a step by step guide and video shortly to show you how to get started and don’t worry, I’ll be sharing this information freely!!!

If you’re struggling with your own inner voice, then its time to really take a look at why you want to start a blog and share your information, if the answer is only to make money, then there’s you’re problem.

Money is a by-product of sharing value. By sharing information, people begin to see you as the expert, they realise that you can help them because you’ve been through what they are going through (and they only realise this if you write and share your information freely.)

As you help others more and more, eventually this audience who you’ve helped so much will want to give back, its called reciprocity, check it out in Robert Cialdini’s books called Influence , if you want to learn more about that and as you provide value for your audience, they in turn will want to pay you for your knowledge, products and services down the road and hence the free value you deliver becomes money in your bank.

But it all starts by you sharing your information freely.

I hope this has inspired you to start doing just that and remember its never to late to start!

Let Me Know Where You’re At and How I Can Help?

So where are you at? What’s stopping you sharing information freely? What are you afraid will happen? Or what experiences have you had that are stopping you moving forward.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you thought of this blog post. Let me know what you’re struggling with the most when it come to sharing your information freely? I’d love to hear from you and about some of the good things that have come your way by sharing information freely!!

Thanks again Rob for the iPad and for inspiring me to write this blog post and get it out there without worrying about it being perfect!!!

6 thoughts on “Good Things Come To Those Who Share Information Freely”

  1. Fantastic blog post Urmil! I guess a lot of people feel as though they’ll give up control of something by sharing information. Having known you know for the past five years (give or take), I am personally grateful for all of the knowledge you’ve shared with me whether it be about building websites, video editing, cameras, gadgets, video equipment and now seo and blogging. I’m grateful for your guidance, your friendship and proud you’ve allowed me into your life. To you, Aarti and Avi my heartfelt thanks! Looking forward to you’re next blog post!

    1. Thanks Bob for your kind words. As you know, I’m happy to share information freely without holding back. I hope to inspire more to do the same with this blog.

  2. Woohoo! Really happy you got this published, Urmil. And what a great subject to start blogging with.

    It’s a great pleasure to read your words on the benefits of freely sharing information. You are sounding like an authority already. And, as you say, becoming an authority is one of the highly beneficial by-products of blogging.

    Can’t wait to see what else you come up with from here.

    1. Thanks Rob for all you help too. You iPad gift really did make me realise how valuable what I know really is and how I should not wait till I have all my ducks lined up before sharing my information.

      I’m glad you like this blog post, as its a subject I know others struggle with and I personally used to struggle with as well.

      I’ve realised that sharing information shouldn’t be over-analysed. Any information, tips, tutorials or guidance you share on a blog will help someone and thats the goal.

  3. Of all the people to speak on this subject particularly in this space is you. Your USP is definitely sharing – Urmil ‘Sharing’ Patel, geddit, I am a grateful recipient of your selfless sharing on all the above.

    This blog post feels very much like you’re sitting across the table from me, i’m reading and nodding my head. I’ve bookmarked your page and am looking forward to reading and learning from future posts.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Roy.

      A lot of beliefs I grew up with were about doing things yourself and as I’ve explored ways to create the life of my dreams I’ve had to admit to myself that someone the things I thought were true simply are not any more.

      And doing your own gardening, washing your own car, they are just examples of tasks I used to do myself, because I would have rather saved that little bit of money that I would have paid someone else.

      Now I spend the time it frees up for me to write these blog posts, learn some new skills, spend time with my family and ocsasionally hit the gym – all things I would prefer to do!

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