My First Blog Post – The Second Attempt

It’s been just over 2 years since I wrote my last blog post on this blog.

But I’m back and this time for good!

I could blame the reason for my departure on many things, life getting in the way, not enough time, not enough knowledge, too many fears, all the usual excuses and although many of them are true to some extent, the real reasons were something else.

The 3 main reasons I didn’t follow through on this blog when I started it several years ago are because:

  1. I was afraid of committing to a niche or topic for my blog and feared picking the wrong one. I love a lot of topics and I couldn’t pick one or find a way to talk about them all.
  2. I wanted results immediately.
  3. I felt I wasn’t an expert and had nothing valuable to share.

Fear of Picking a Niche Topic

I had too many things i loved and the fear of focusing on one and not the others stopped me moving forward. I kept thinking what if I pick the wrong one and don’t like it, or don’t know enough.

Fear of Not Earning Money Quickly

I had had previous successes online, working with clients, doing seo, developing software and even doing online joint venture product launches that generated upwards of $100k in just 10 days, so when I sat down to write on this blog the income results I had been used too just weren’t coming fast enough.

Fear Of Not Being An Expert

Even though I had made money online before, my inner voice still kept saying you don’t know everything about your topic, what gives you the right to teach or coach other on it. You need to learn more before you can call yourself an expert. This was probably my most crippling fear and it really stopped me sharing any of the knowledge I had.

So I let those fears beat me and I quit.

I stopped creating content.

I stopped sharing all the knowledge I had accumulated from years of working with clients online, helping them create videos, start youtube channels and build amazing wordpress sites, develop plugins and customised themes and so much more.

I became distracted with too many other opportunities that I thought I would enjoy more and that could generate income faster for less work.

You’ve heard the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. BUT that’s a lie.

The grass is never greener on the other side. It’s just a saying people use when the challenges in front of them seem difficult and it’s a way to make you doubt your current course of action and cause you to procrastinate from taking the actions you need to move forward.

In most cases, the challenges in front of you are easier to deal with than the ones waiting for you on other side of the fence.

After searching and dipping my toe in multiple opportunities, I realised that I was going about things the wrong way. I was looking for that easy path for short term profits and feeling unhappy.

I know, I should’ve known better than that, but we’ve all done it, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all want to get rich quick. Life after all is a journey of discovery and the best lessons are often learnt through making mistakes.

My Biggest Mistake

My biggest mistake was not listening to my heart and building a dream business around the dream life I wanted to live every single day.

Instead I followed my head and listened to countless so-called experts sharing their shortcuts and strategies about earning huge riches quickly and ended up wasting time and money chasing a quick buck, not feeling authentically me nor enjoying the process along the way.

I guess deep down I knew this wasn’t going to lead to the success I was looking for, but buying courses, watching videos and reading pdfs kept me busy and made me feel like I was making progress and not face the reality that I was enough, knew enough and could help people by just being me.

Stop Procrastinating and Face Your Fears

All I was really doing was procrastinating from facing my real fears of being myself on my blog and of believing that the knowledge I already had was enough to get started.

There is a very dangerous obstacle we all face when reaching for our goals and that is our own over-powering imagination.

We have this ability to believe things that are completely untrue. In fact, never being able to overcome our own inner mind chatter is the ONLY thing that can stop you from being successful, everything else can be learned or figured out.

The Universe Guided Me Back

I finally found my way back to this blog after a lot of soul searching and signs from the universe, ready to beat down my negative mind chatter and start my next journey to build the life of my dreams through blogging, coding and creating online courses.

This time my plan is to build a business that fits around my dream life, not one where I try to fit my life around my business.

My life always brings me back to helping people with the following topics: building an online business, using wordpress, starting a blog, earning an income online, building software and apps, automating processes, living life with more time and money, getting fit and even how to become a vegan.

It must be a sign from the universe.

I love building websites with wordpress.

I love the idea of being able to work from anywhere with just a computer and an internet connection and help people all over the world with nothing more than my knowledge and real life experiences and get paid for doing so.

I love the idea of turning topics I’m passionate about into blog posts, or ebooks, or videos, or even full blown online courses that can make money while I sleep.

I love coding, web development and technology. Yes I am mostly certainly a tech geek… I’ve denied it for too long as I perceived this topic to be too geeky, but it’s not, it’s super sexy!!!

Just think about it, everything in your life is run by technology and code.

Smartphones, tablets, computers, the internet, electric cars, aeroplanes, spaceships, you get the idea…

Just imagine being able to code. Being able to write a simple script to automate something on your computer or to build an app for your kids to learn the alphabet, or create a web based software to manage your to do lists or build a WordPress plugin and theme to help you get your message out to more people in your own unique way.

All this stuff is super sexy, isn’t it?

I think so, there I said it for the record, coding is sexy and cool and you need to learn how to do it and I’ll teach you to code, step by step, no experience necessary.

I love being healthy and doing exercise and eating well. I am slowly going from being a pescatarian to vegetarian to my final goal of being a vegan.

I love sharing my knowledge with everyone. In the offline world, at dinner parties, barbecues, at the gym, every opportunity I get, I’m talking and helping people with topics related to building an online business to living their dream life.

And I love teaching and helping others in all aspects of creating and living their dream life through blogging, coding and creating online courses.

So enough of this rant on the second attempt at my first blog post, I’m ready to start sharing again and this time I’m doing it differently.

You’re going to read and hear from me on this blog about my day to day activities and exactly what I’m doing to build my ultimate dream life and an online business to fund it. I’ll share all the decisions I make and why and even how to overcome the obstacles on this journey.

Life is a Journey, So Enjoy It.

I’m going to share every step of my journey with you, because I want you to see that this is possible for anyone and that it’s not too late to start today (the day you read this blog post!).

Life is a journey and everyone’s journey is unique. All we can do is share what we know selflessly and learn from others who are a few steps ahead and borrow insights from them to help us take the next step in our journey to creating our dream life.

I want you to live life with a purpose.

I want you to be you and accept that being you is enough to make a difference in this world. Stop trying to be someone you’re not, its too energy draining!

I want you to wake up each day and work towards your dream life and business, whatever they may be. Do you need help to create your dream life plan or start blogging, I’ll help with that too.

No matter how old or young you are….

No matter whether you’re already successful or still searching for that lucky break…

No matter whether you’re rich or poor…

No matter whether you’re working a 9-5 or already working for yourself…

If you have ever wanted more in life or to learn how to create your dream life, or how to start a blog, or how to build a website, or how to make money online, or learn how to code, or how to fit in getting fit while building an online business, then you are in the right place.

Stay tuned for blog posts, where I’ll share more about my dream life goals and the changes I’m making in my life to go about creating it.

Read along, share this blog post with friends, take small actions everyday to change your life for the better, but don’t ever feel that you can’t do this or worse that you don’t deserve this.

Because you can and you do deserve to live your dream life.

And I will show you how to make it a reality!!!

My name is Urmil Patel and I’ll be your guide to living your dream life by blogging, coding and creating online courses.

See you soon.

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  1. This was refreshing to read, I like you am a procrastinator and I look forward to learning more about overcoming one’s fears! Keep up the good work.

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