Good Things Come To Those Who Share Information Freely

Sharing is natural and good things come to those who share.

It’s karma, well I think so anyway and hopefully you will too by the end of this blog post.

So if sharing is natural, then why do we all freeze up when it come to sharing information, especially online?
And why don’t we share what we know more freely?

These are questions that cross my mind every once and a while and yesterday was one of those days.

Yesterday, Apple released their new iPad Pro and I had already decided I was going to buy one, so imagine my surprise and excitement when my good friend Rob from gets me one as a gift.

Thanks Rob!!!

I’d like to think he gave me this gift for being an amazing friend, but that’s only part of it, the rest is probably to thank me for sharing my opinion over dinner about investing.

Anyway, this is what karma is all about. ¬†You give your information freely (often times it’s really just your opinion or your perspective on certain topics) and in return the universe balances things out and often you’ll get a lot back in return, it could be money, maybe just heart felt gratitude but in this case a brand spanking new iPad Pro. Continue reading “Good Things Come To Those Who Share Information Freely”